Fume Extraction System

Manufacturer & Supplier of Fume Extraction System. Our product range also comprises of Odour Control Systems and Plate Scrubber.

Fume Extraction System

Shivas offers customized solutions for fume extraction in the form of tower scrubbers, complete with FRP ducts and dedicated FRP blowers. All the components of the plants are made from corrosion-resistant Thermoplastic material. The system uses FRP Scrubbers to exhaust the air, preventing release of aggressive and harmful vapors into the environment. This process is designed to extract smoke, fumes and gases directly from source, before the contamination spreads in the premises. The fume Extraction plants from Shivas reduces the overall dimensions and allows a full personalization of the units depending on the pollutant and on the system demands. Different for fume extraction includes Acid Proof Fume Extraction Plant, Plastic Tanks Acid Plant, Plastic Plant for Galvanizing, etc.
We supply Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) in compliance to emission regulatory agency requirements. Shivas has developed an innovative line of fume extraction plant for encapsulated pre-treatment and lateral suction channels. The lateral suction channels extracts smoke, fumes and harmful emission right at source on pickling tanks. Performance of Fume Extraction Plants is as per emission regulations. We specialize in providing turnkey solutions for extraction of corrosive fumes and gases across diverse industries. These plants enable the manufacturers to meet the environmental protection norms laid down by the regulatory bodies.

Other Details:

  • The fume extraction plants work by scrubbing the exhaust air, preventing the release of aggressive and harmful vapors into the environment
  • Vapours and gases are absorbed in the scrubbing liquid and returned to the circuit
  • The most important basis for calculations are the determination of the exhaust air volume and the dependence of the pre-treatment plant
  • All the calculations are performed by program modules developed by Shivas
  • Effective scrubbing and guaranteed compliance with emission limits can only be achieved through an individually designed fume extraction plant optimized on the particular application


  • Hot-dip Galvanizing Plants
  • Pipe Pickling Plants
  • Stainless Steel Pickling Plants
  • Wire Pickling Lines
  • Electroplating/Anodizing Plants
  • Metal Finishing Industries
  • Surface Treatment Plants


  • Clean Working Area (surrounding)
  • Hygienic working atmosphere
  • High employees' acceptance
  • Increased productivity
  • Prevents corrosion of crane & roof structure
  • Increased safety
  • Fumes are condensed & recycled, optimizing material use
  • Reducing waste disposal cost
  • Ensures healthy working conditions
  • High separation efficiencies of 1 micron particulate and gaseous emissions are achievable
  • Customized plants and process equipment for metal finishing industries